Earlier this year I wrote a post about why it’s important for marketers to remember that our strategies cannot—and should not—be 100% dependent on measurement. While this is still something I believe in right down to my very core, let’s be honest, nowadays if you’re not measuring, are you even marketing?

With this in mind, I wanted to focus on some key areas of marketing measurement you should always be tracking to get a grip on your campaign and other tactics’ performance in real time.

1. The Platform Itself

Sort of a no-brainer, but it’s important you always have a pulse on the metrics reported to you on the platform you’re using. Facebook, Google AdWords, AdRoll, MailChimp and so on. These are the most direct sources of data and can inform adjustments that need to be made in real-time. Set yourself up with automated reports, or set reminders to check performance at least a few times weekly.

2. Your Links

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, right? Making sure your links are trackable is paramount for solid measurement of your marketing efforts. Using tools like Google URL Builder helps you categorize all of your content in the correct way. This helps make your Google Analytics data more reliable. Because these tools are so customizable, you can develop and implement your own system for tracking content, campaigns and platforms.

3. Google Analytics Goals

Goals are the most effective way to track conversions via Google Analytics. While analyzing trends in site traffic and bounce rates are informative and important, it’s necessary to better understand the “who, what, when, where, and why” people are taking actions on your site. With effective implementation, you can identify your strongest marketing tactics and better inform your marketing plan and budget.

While there are hundreds of ways you implement marketing measurement, these are arguably the most important tools to inform your strategy. Combined with effective A/B testing, killer creative, and informative content, a strong measurement plan will surely set you up for success.