Phil Loscoe, our resident B2B marketing doyen, shares 5 ways you can leverage digital B2B lead generation tactics to increase leads and grow ROI.

In the popular 1996 Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding’s character –wide receiver Rod Tidwell – famously defined his needs via four important words:

“Show me the money.”

It’s not so different for B2B marketers. No matter what or how you’re selling in the marketing world, it all comes down to four equally crucial words:

“Show me the leads.”

And like the world around us, leads are going digital. It makes sense; digital marketing is ultimately about lead gen and real ROI. In a world where B2B marketers are working with budgets dwarfed by their B2C brethren, efficiency and effectiveness are the foundation of success. With digital tools, we can improve upon those four crucial words. Perhaps it’s time to say:

“Show me the good leads.”

With digital tools, the good leads are at your fingertips.

Consider the following digital B2B lead generation tactics the next time you’re assessing your marketing funnel:

1.) Don’t forget social media

Hey, we see your eyes rolling. Most B2B marketers think social media is the providence of the B2C world. Not true. As a B2B marketer you most likely leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. But did you know 7 of the top 8 SEO tactics are linked to social media behavior? If you want to rank higher in organic search, social media is the place to start.

2.) Invest in content

Available data suggests two-thirds of B2B prospects have already researched your product or service before a buy decision is made –and that research happens on the web before you know the researcher is even a lead. Don’t wait and hope; meet them at the far edge of the sales funnel with blog content, videos, infographics, and social media content. Good, engaging content that provides solutions to their needs will lead to sales – without a cold call.

3.) Make your website great

Websites are where your prospects go to learn about you. If your site is poorly designed, has inefficient navigation, or is not optimized with lead gen forms, you’re missing an opportunity to capture valuable visitor data that can shape your marketing strategy (more about the power of analytics in a future email!)

4.) Incorporate email marketing into your content distribution strategy

Take the unique content you’re creating in step #2 above and optimize your website (step #3 above) to follow your buyer’s journey. A good email marketing campaign will help you generate more leads based on the content on which the recipient clicks.

5.) Automate your digital marketing efforts

A powerful marketing automation platform is essential to capture leads and manage your sales funnel. No matter which platform you choose, you’ll need to be actively engaged in steps 1-3 above to have actionable data available to your sales team. Don’t let a single lead slip through the cracks. Automate your thank yous, your follow-ups and your requests for next steps.

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