Years of experience marketing for colleges and universities has taught us that successful campaigns nurture prospects along the path from candidate to enrollee to alum.

But how can you measure this path to help you better nurture prospective students? Here we’ve outlined 5 ways you can measure the student journey:

1. Understand your audience

Do you know all you can about your audience? Use Google Analytics, for example, to start collecting data on your users’ behavior: Where do they live? When do they visit the site? What searches have they made? Where do they go on the site? All this information and more can help you begin to understand your perspective students, inform personas, and better market to your desired audience.

2. Track more than applications

Applications are just a part of the picture. Tracking open house events or information request form completions will help you understand the path a prospective student takes on their way to an application. This is all valuable information for lead nurturing.

3. Measure Reaction Time

Do you know how long it takes your average prospect to complete an action from the first time they visit your site? And if decision time depends on what type of action is completed? This information can help you plan your marketing strategy for the long-term.

4. Monitor key pages

What are the most visited pages on your site? Are they the ones you’d expect to see? Looking at your top pages and their metrics will give you useful insights into user behavior and what your prospective students are most interested in. You can then leverage this information to help them along their journey.

5. Work with Attribution

If you’re only looking at one attribution model, you might want to reconsider. A specific channel, such as Paid Search, might seem like it’s not driving the conversions you want. Yet it could be responsible for the most assists! Marketing efforts work together and taking a look at attribution can give you greater insights.

Better understanding the student journey, through measurement and analysis, can help you develop a stronger lead nurturing strategy or even significantly improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Just another reason to start measuring!

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