Content is king. After all, content directly impacts your SEO strategy, connects you with your customers, and helps validate you as an industry leader. However, finding the time to conceptualize a topic, and then write about it, can seem like an all too daunting and time-consuming task.

The added notion that your content should be clever, educational, and entertaining can add even more pressure. Perhaps causing further procrastination and ultimately hurting your chances of getting seen by customers and prospects. This is a misunderstanding. Instead, approach your content from the standpoint of your customers. They are interested in your expertise and quick informative posts. Talk about your inspiration, industry insights, and news.

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To help we’ve compiled seven simple content marketing topics to get you started. So, for your next piece of content think of how easy it would be to share one of the following.

1. Industry News – Share what’s changing (or not changing) in your industry. This shows that you are on top of what is happening in your industry and positions you as an industry authority.

2. Events – Are you attending or hosting an event? Share the event information to help increase registrations and spread the word. Depending on how well known the event is others may be searching for it online, increasing your chances of ranking for those event keywords.

3. Trends – You’re likely already thinking about industry trends and forecasting for the new year. Share your predictions to show your expertise. This will not only get customers thinking about your business, but it will position you as an industry authority.

4. Inspiration – Is there something or someone that you find inspiring within your industry? Write about it to show your passion for your business. Customers and prospects will appreciate the sentiment and may be more apt to do business with you.

5. Your story – How did you get into your industry or start your business? Was there something that interested you most? Share your story. These are often easy to write and they can help humanize your brand.

6. Company changes –Is there a new product feature, service, or employee? Write about it to keep your audience informed and show business developments.

7. Milestones – Share business and product milestones. Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or celebrating 100,000 sales share your business milestones. Customers will feel a part of the celebration and prospects can see your success. This also helps showcase the stability of your business and your role as an industry authority.

Generating content doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. And no matter your industry, one of the most powerful ways you can engage your leads and demonstrate your expertise is with content.