One of the most popular brands on the web today is WordPress. According to, 24% of all websites use WordPress, which is 59% of websites with a Content Management System (CMS—that’s an easy-to-use interface for non-programmers to change website content). With these kinds of numbers, you’re sure to have been on a WordPress site. Ever been to The New Yorker, Variety, TechCrunch, or Star Wars News? Those are all on WordPress. So are some sites by RDW Group clients, including: Warren Rogers, TPG Hotels and Resorts, iTrek, and SUNY Sullivan.

WordPress began as a simple blogging platform and has expanded to the most popular web platform in the world. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. It’s a CMS – It used to be that only developers who knew HTML could edit web pages, but WordPress is a CMS, which means anyone savvy enough to use Microsoft Word can edit, add, and delete content with ease.
  2. Easy to use – WordPress is built to be edited and configured by folks like us, with an easy to follow backend that allows users to navigate and build new pages with a few simple steps.
  3. Themes – How would you like to change the look of entire site within 5 minutes? Unlike the old days when you had to update individual pages, Themes allow you to completely change the look of your website simply by uploading and activating it, and there are a great many themes available for free or for cheap.
  4. Plugins – You do not have to be a programmer to add custom features to your site. Plugins are small applications developed by the community that install directly into the backend and provide custom features to your site for free or for very little.
  5. Blogging – WordPress is an excellent blogging platform, as that was its original purpose
  6. Customizable – As if theming and plugins weren’t enough, WordPress has a worldwide community of developers, so it can do just about anything you would need for a website.
  7. Search Engine Love – Marketing your site is very important, and search engines being able to read what’s on your site is a vital part of getting the word out about your content. WordPress offers features and plugins to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which can help folks on the web find your newly-created masterpiece.

While WordPress isn’t the only Content Management System out there and isn’t the best for every purpose, it’s a great tool that we recommend frequently. If you’re interested, stay tuned for later this month when Ben Guaraldi will be covering several other CMSs and their pros and cons.