Do you remember the days when you would see websites with amazing animations, games and special interactive elements made with Flash?

Things started changing back in 2010 when Apple decided not to include the Flash player for the iPhone and iPad. Soon, other companies followed Apple’s lead and dropped Flash. This change also created a huge challenge for banner development as websites, browsers and banner advertising companies like DoubleClick dropped Flash as a file option. It appeared that the once interactive giant was finally facing its end.

Well it’s 2018, and although the name has changed to Adobe Animate CC, it is still alive, well, and better than ever. Adobe Animate CC is now packed with more powerful tools that make it a must have.

What we love about Adobe Animate CC:

  • With the addition of HTML5 Canvas, you can still create amazing animations, games, banners as well as interactive elements for your website projects.
  • HTML5 Canvas which uses CreateJS , allows you to add Java script to the actions panel to accomplish your projects goals.  
  • With the help of the new Code Snippets panel for HTML Canvas you have simple ready to use JS code that can help with the learning curve.
  • You have the option to convert your ActionScript 3 code to JS using tools like AS3JS.

But wait! There’s more

Did you know you can create cross platform mobile apps with Adobe Animate?

With the growing usage of mobile devices to access information and the growing importance of Mobile Apps, Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) can be a powerful tool to address this need.

Adobe Animate allows you to build games and fully functional, interactive mobile apps for Apple and Android devices without the need to learn two different programming languages. This of course makes the development time much more efficient, allowing you to build once and deploy to multiple platforms!

If you are familiar with building in Flash and have some knowledge of Action Script 3, you can start building apps without the need to learn another programming language.

But what about Apple devices?

You are probably thinking, if Apple will not run Flash on their devices how can I build apps for iPhone and iPad?

Adobe Animate CC uses Adobe Air to bundle your Flash AS3 projects so they run smoothly on Apple (.ipa for iPhone, iPad) and Android (.apk for Kindle Fire, Android Phones and Tablets). After you bundle your apps using Animate CC you are ready and upload them for distribution to your App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store accounts.

As you can see, although the name has changed, what we used to know as “Flash” is still a powerful tool that has adapted over the years and grown to be an even more useful tool than it was in the “old days”…aka 2010.