You may have seen that Adwords recently rolled out IF functions for Search ads. This is a great way to easily personalize your ads by device or audience list and works similarly to ad customizers which adapt your text ads to what someone is searching for, their device, their location, and more. But for IF functions…you don’t have to use a feed!

These types of ads seem complicated, but they’re relatively easy to set up. Say you want to show different ad copy to the list of users who have already visited your site that showcases a special shipping promotion. All you have to do is enter a bracket, which will allow you to select the IF function. Here’s the formula when using a remarketing list:

{=IF(audience IN(,),text to insert):default text}

And here’s how the formula would look with the promotion inserted:

{=IF(audience IN (visitors), 25% Off Your Order):5% Off Your Order}

Here’s an example from Google:

if function in adwords

The IF function seems particularly great for promotions, and could even be used in conjunction with Countdown ads. But this functionality can also be a great, easy way to customize ad copy by device.