Announcing Andrea – iFactory Producer

Announcing Andrea – iFactory Producer

Help us give a warm welcome to Andrea Palumbo, our newest iFactory producer. Take a minute to learn a little more about her, her work on an educational platform for middle schoolers interested in STEM, and why she chose to join the team.

  1. Do you have any nicknames we should know about?

    I’ve adapted a few nicknames over the years, either Dre or Andy, but Andrea works just fine.

  2. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

    Please elaborate. I used to be a picky eater when I was younger, but now I will literally try anything! I love pasta, meats, cheeses, cheeseburgers, and any french-fry dish. I usually crave all of the unhealthy foods…

  3. What is your favorite part about working in Boston?

    I love working in Boston. My favorite part is that I can easily commute via my bike or even walking!

  4. Why did you choose iFactory?

    As soon as I interviewed I felt like this was a place where I was going to easily fit in. It’s so important to me that my co-workers and I get along and can be supportive of each other and that’s what I felt/heard in my interviews. I’m also so excited to work with the client base at iFactory and can’t wait to learn more about what types of challenges they face and how we can help. 

  5. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

    One of my favorite places that I’ve visited and lived in is Santa Fe, NM. The history and the people there are just amazing, not to mention the margaritas and the food. I’ve only lived there in the summertime when it’s the most busy, but it was nice to live in a slower-paced area for the summertime.

  6. Cat person or dog person? Why?

    Dogs! I like how dogs need attention…we all need attention…

  7. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

    If I could have one super power, it would be to teleport myself. I’m constantly wishing I could do that. I don’t have the patience for travel…that’s why I ride my bike around the city!

  8. Most rewarding project/past achievement you’ve been a part of?

    The most rewarding project I’ve worked on was UL Xplorlabs. It’s an educational platform targeted at middle-school students to try and get them engaged with science and other STEM methods in a less structured way. The first module launched in 2016 and the second module about Fire Forensics just launched this month! It’s rewarding to learn that teachers and students are actually engaging with the platform and hopefully more excited about science! 

  9. What’s your background (educational)?

    I went to Endicott College and graduated with a BSBA, International Business in 2011.