Not everyone believes in digital marketing for B2B companies. In fact, many B2B marketers scoff at the idea that digital marketing tactics can drive real revenue. They prefer traditional tactics like direct mail and tradeshows to more current approaches like social media and content marketing.

But the experiences of some of our most successful clients, and even ourselves, says otherwise. Here’s an example:

The phone rings.

“Hello, Phil Loscoe.”

“Phil, I saw on Facebook that you all have experience with UX. True?”

“True, in fact, we…”

“Can we meet? I have a project and I need to move quickly…”

Three weeks later we inked a six-figure deal that catapulted our client’s revenue and provided them with actionable marketing data that fueled ongoing sales efforts. Not to mention that we gained a valuable, satisfied client. All thanks to our post on social media.

Still, not a believer? We’ve pored over a mountain of available data to bring you credible proof points to consider before you write off digital marketing for good.

Here are 10 facts you should consider before you write off digital marketing for B2B:

  1. Social Media Generates Leads: B2B firms generate 3x more leads through social media than through traditional marketing avenues. (Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR)
  2. Content Marketing Generates Leads: 93% of B2B companies feel content marketing generates more leads than traditional mar/com efforts. (Forbes via Marketo)
  3. Search Generates Leads: B2B researchers conduct an average of 12 searches prior to engaging on a branded site. (HubSpot)
  4. Search Generates Confidence at the End of the Procurement Funnel: 94% of B2B buyers research online prior to final purchase. (Marketing Profs)
  5. Email to Influence and Gather Leads: Email is the third most influential information source for B2B audiences, after recommendations and industry intermediaries. (BaseOne via Imagination)
  6. Lead Gen is a Function of Social Media Platform Selection: 64% of B2B marketers generated leads via LinkedIn, 49% via Facebook and 36% via Twitter. (Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR)
  7. Customer Acquisition via Facebook: 43% of B2B marketers acquired customers via Facebook. (HubSpot)
  8. Customer Acquisition via LinkedIn: 62% of B2B marketers indicated LinkedIn is their most effective social media platform. (Content Marketing Institute)
  9. Video Content Matters: 70% of B2B marketers believe videos are more effective than other content when the goal is to convert visitors to qualified leads. (Vidyard)
  10. Brand (don’t sell) via Twitter: 73% of B2B brand mentions occur on Twitter, the top social platform for B2B brands. (Brandwatch)

These facts go beyond our own biased sample set and anecdotes. They are demonstrable facts that show how digital marketing for B2B companies generates brand awareness, prospects, leads, clients and profits. Proof of the demonstrable success digital marketing can offer your B2B company.