As is always the way with digital marketing, a new year brings a number of new changes and technologies. With a few months under our belt already, here are some of the digital marketing trends, tools, platforms, and changes we see coming our way.

Practical Voice

The more we engage with content constantly throughout the day, the more users are seeking a more approachable brand voice. With all the clutter, speaking like a human just makes sense. For example, brands like Dollar Shave Club use a casual tone from their taglines, all the way to their product descriptions. Phrases like “tested on interns, not animals” help users relate to the brand and generate loyalty. Showcasing their socially responsible values, in addition to a comedic edge. I think we all witnessed the supply-chain-flub-turned-social-media-victor campaign from KFC UK. Or, take a look at Basecamp. From the outside, they might seem like a boring project management tool (sorry, Basecamp). Take a look at their content, however, and you’ll be surprised. I mean, they even use the word “damn” on their about page. Look for more of this as brands look to cut loose a bit in 2018.

New, more niche social platforms

While younger generations moving away from legacy channels and into new ones is no new news, the latest trends seem to be affecting all demographics. Options like Vero have already emerged to give users something fresh other than the “big platforms” like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I like to think of these emerging outlets as the “hipsters” of social platforms. While Snapchat and other previously reigning platforms try to be everything to everyone, smaller, more nimble platforms will take over small markets. And as Facebook’s algorithm changes continue to threaten marketers, it will be interesting to utilize these new networks to engage with users. And guys, let’s try not to ruin it this time.

A pixel for everything

We already see it happening with social platforms and other remarketing tools. Adding pixels to your organization’s site is opening up doors to learning more and more about audience behavior. Perhaps a digital marketing trend that’s here to stay, platforms like Facebook utilize these tags to track anything from landing page visits to abandonment, and likeliness to purchase in the future. Further, the popularization of tools like Google Tag Manager, have made it easier than ever to implement these pixels. Look for more and more tools using this technology to enhance their offering. This will give marketers more opportunities to enrich their efforts.

Refined Measurement

By now, any organization worth their salt should be using Google Analytics, or other website measurement tools, to understand how their efforts are paying off. Outside of marketing and advertising campaign measurement, analytics can also help you learn valuable information about how users are navigating your website, and potential improvements you could make to impact the bottom line. As brands get more familiar with measurement planning and solidify benchmarks, look for more sophisticated measurement approaches like attribution modeling and conversion optimization. While understanding traffic increases and bounce rates are great, a deeper understanding of your data can make all the difference in such a competitive digital landscape.

Using your Voice

Amazon Alexa and Google Home have made their way into millions of homes. With them, a change in behavior. From purchasing to interaction with content. It’s important to stay ahead of the changing landscape and find ways to use voice technology to support your organization. Not only from a marketing perspective but a user experience one as well. All kinds of businesses are considering ways to harness the technology to adapt as their audience does.

What digital marketing trends have you seen emerging in 2018? Let us know in the comments!