Introducing Canvas Ads–the latest addition to Facebook’s paid campaign offerings! Over the years the number of people brands can reach organically on the platform has declined (to only about 2% of a brand’s fan base) and competition for space in the News Feed only continues to increase.

This competition has upped the game, pushing brands and their advertisers to think of new and innovative ways to reach their audiences and Facebook to expand their offerings to make them bigger and better. The goal of this newest ad format to hit your News Feed? To “bring brands and products to life” in a more engaging (and user-friendly) way.

Here’s why we think they’re a big win for brands:

  1. They’re All About That Mobile Experience

It’s becoming a mobile-first world and Facebook is taking full advantage with Canvas Ads, creating a mobile-only experience tailored to their users. Similar to the Instant Articles rolled out for publishers last year, Canvases will load almost ten times faster than the traditional mobile web, bringing users and brand advocates faster access to your information. How do they keep load times so quick? Keeping the user on the platform instead of directing them to an external site.

  1. Bigger is Better for Engagement

The “Evolution of Carousel Ads,” introduced in May as a way to showcase multiple products and images in a single ad, Canvas’s full screen ads make for an immersive user experience. Images, text, video, off-site links, and more combine to create customizable formats making it easier for brands to tell their story in a compelling way. Even better? Rumor has it Canvases are more engaging than traditional News Feed or Video ads on the platform. Brands currently using Canvas report “getting as much as 50 percent more clicks than a regular ad.”

  1. They’re Effective for Brands (and Their Wallets)

According to reports from Digiday, Canvas Ads will cost the same as traditional News Feed Ads and with Facebook’s traditional cost per engagement model and increased levels of engagement; Canvas Ads have the potential to be an extremely cost-effective way for brand’s to convey their message on social.

What do you think? Will Canvas Ads’ immersive experience give an edge to advertisers? Or is it just one more invasive communication that drives users to greener pastures?

Featured Image Credit: The Drum