Facebook recently announced it’s algorithm will be changing yet again, and not to the favor of brands. Despite the change, Facebook content marketing still remains a key to success for marketers. 

When Zuckerberg takes the stage you can be sure there’ll be change.

Over the past few years, Facebook has been relying more and more on its algorithm to determine what its users want to see. This has had brands in a gradually escalating tizzy, as it seems their posts were being increasingly squeezed out of the daily mix.

Last week, the Facebook CEO announced more directly that the algorithm will be changing yet again – and brand posts will be getting the axe once more. Facebook will be shifting the newsfeed to display more posts from friends and family, and even less from brands and pages.

Escalating the panic yet again, many brands may now be left wondering why they should even bother with Facebook content marketing.  Fear not – your daily scribe on the social media site still has immense value.

Your Digital Pulse

Sure, it can be tempting to give up on writing social content purely because of decreasing newsfeed distribution. However, those view counts aren’t the end-all. When new customers are manually searching for you, one of the first places they will look is social media; namely, Facebook, being the #1 social network in active users worldwide. If a potential customer comes across a dead page or no page at all, it can hinder their ability to educate themselves on what you have to offer at a first touch.

Avoiding Deaf Ears

Without frequent content being published on your page, you are unlikely to create an active community. In any active social media community, content pieces become a conduit for conversation. Those conversations then become opportunities for you to actively engage in real-time, personalized customer service, as well as learn from what your customers really want. In fact, 48% of customers prefer buying from brands that are vocal and attentive on social media platforms.

Rewarding Your Advocates

People subscribe to your page to see your brands updates. While the new newsfeed tweak may prevent many of them from seeing all your posts in their feed, those who are most actively engaging with your page will be more likely to continue to do so. In addition, they may go directly to your page to check for new content, even if it does not appear in their newsfeed.

A Little Bit Extra

All of the above being said, there is no denying that Facebook is now a pay-to-play game at its full potential. To compliment any robust social media strategy, your regular content should be supplemented by some form of Facebook Advertising. Facebook Ads have come a long way from their inception, providing a massive array of targeting and objective options to take your social media strategy to its full potential. Investing in a weekly spend will allow you to permeate the newsfeeds at a higher rate by promoting some of your strongest pieces of daily content. It also provides you with a plethora of ways to target and get in front of new customers and convert them to followers of your brand.