Every Thanksgiving comes and goes and we take the time to give thanks to the special people in our lives, and that should include our customers. Part of what we do as marketers is to create a brand that your customers want to be involved with. No matter the industry, the product or service that your business offers, with the right messaging, strategy and dedication to your customer, you can build strong brand loyalty. This Thanksgiving, we’ve come up with five ways that you can to say thank you to your customers.

Thank You For the Conversion

How do you say thank you to a customer who has taken action on your website and has now gotten you a conversion? With a thank you landing page. In life, we’re taught to always say thank you and this concept should branch out into almost everything you do, including our website design and strategy. Your landing page should stand out to your customer and be personal because that customer is taking an action on your website and they should be thanked for taking the time to do so.

Thank You For Your Content

As content creators, we know first hand the amount of time that is spent creating and developing content that your audience will want to engage with. We write blogs, polls, resources, case studies and so much more to serve as informative or educational pieces for our audience. On social media, we maintain communities and spend hours just hoping that someone will reciprocate our efforts and respond to our post… Just once. User-generated content (UGC) is what we live for and when an engaged follower sends in content on your behalf, make sure to thank them. UGC is the gratifying proof that the quality of your efforts is paying off and to continue to encourage future engagement, say thank you.

Thank You For The Milestone

Why would we set goals if we never strived to reach them? Your loyal customer base is a huge player in reaching many of the milestones that you hit as a company. Whether it’s follower growth, higher CTRs or conversions, many of those goals are directly related to how well your brand is perceived by your customer. So, when these goals are achieved, it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Always thank your customers for helping you to reach your milestones because no matter how large or small they are, they’re important to your success and a loyal customer wants to see your business succeed.

Thank You For Your Complaint

Nothing you do for your customer goes unnoticed, and sometimes you might not get the best reaction. It could be a customer complaint about an ad you ran, an article you shared or the way that a situation was handled, but no matter the circumstance, remember to thank your consumer for sharing. Hearing a complaint can be difficult, but it can also help you to adjust your strategy and allow the customer to feel like they made a difference. Thanking your customer for complaining could help your company later down the line.

Simply, Thank You

Do you always need a reason to thank your customers? No. A simple post, an email or a card sent in the mail will go a long way. We know about the ROI on our ad spend and campaigns, but what likely gets overlooked is the ROI of thanking a customer. Living in the digital age, word spreads fast and creating a positive customer experience doesn’t get overlooked, especially because word-of-mouth can drive 13% of your sales.

It doesn’t take much effort to say thank you, but the positivity that ripples on from a simple thank you could have great benefits for your business. So, thank you for reading and don’t forget to tell your customer how much you appreciate them.