We’ve all been captivated, entertained, or intrigued by an ad only to be left wondering whose it was. Instead of fondly remembering the brand that just appealed to us, we Shazam the song, google the voiceover, or IMDb the actress to discover if she was in fact the one who was in that thing with that hilarious woman and the guy with the hair. We tell our friends and coworkers about it as if they didn’t see it themselves. Maybe we even try to launch a related meme, or throw together a super-funny GIF that will make the social media rounds at light speed before fading into so-five-minutes-ago territory.

But wait… who spent all the cash to make and place the ad that has become your new favorite?

Does it matter?

Maybe huge brands with huge budgets can risk being forgotten in favor of dropping a little entertainment in their wake. After all, there are bound to be other executions in the campaign that will build awareness, boost recognition, and engender brand loyalty so the big price tag will find justification even in the accounting department. And let’s be honest… if someone actually really cares about whose ad it was, they’ll just google it, right?

Yes, it does matter.

But can you afford that luxury? Wouldn’t you prefer that your audience likes your message and remembers that it’s from you? Isn’t it better if they say “I love that new ad campaign from (insert your brand here)…”? Of course it is.

The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget to run a memorable and relatable campaign. You just have to be willing to try something different, crack your comfort zone, and see the value in being noticed (for the right reasons). It’s not always easy, but it just might be the marketing jolt you’ve been blissfully unaware that you needed.

Remain true to what your customers love about you, and they’ll appreciate your new campaign — and likely applaud your daring/innovative/exciting/unexpected new approach to messaging. And chances are, you’ll capture the attention of potential new customers who hadn’t noticed you before, which of course opens new possibilities for building relationships and sales. Expand your fresh new presence into social channels, take advantage of the connectivity of digital platforms, measure what happens, tweak as necessary — and feel a certain justifiable smugness when you see just how well you’re remembered.

No Morgan Freeman voiceover required.