Join us in welcoming our newest account executive, Giselle Mahoney, to the RDW team. With nine years of communications experience, she has the know-how needed to tackle strategic marketing challenges and project management. Take a minute to learn a little more about her and why we’re so excited to have her on the team.

  1. Do you have any nicknames we should know about?
    My family nickname is “Zel,” but thankfully my professional nickname has stuck to an all-grown-up “G.”
  2. What is your favorite part about working in communications?
    I like making things happen! This industry isn’t always all fun, but when it is I enjoy being able to take truly impactful stories and sharing them with the outside world. It is exciting to give deserving people and organizations the limelight on what they are achieving to improve our lives and world.
  3. Why did you choose RDW?
    RDW is the best of the best. I feel my diverse background in sectors overlapping with RDW’s core focus, and some new ones, lends itself to providing well-rounded service to our clients and internal team. It is an honor to contribute to a company that so readily demonstrates its knowledge and expertise while never losing sight of its integrity and passion. These are values in my own personal life, and I am happy to join a team that shares them. 

  4. Favorite karaoke song?
    I would NEVER karaoke in public, but my favorite behind-the-wheel or in-concert sing along is anything by The Goo Goo Dolls. For my sister and I, they have been a fixture of our entire teen-through-adult lives. I know just about every word of every song!

  5. Most rewarding project or past achievement you’ve been a part of?
    Four years ago, my sister and I started a holiday giving tree for the residents of Avalon Nursing Home, where my mom works in Warwick. Generally, there are 32 residents, many of whom do not have family to visit them or provide the few material items they need. My sister and I asked my mom to put together a list of those needs, and she did so with help from the facilities director. Common items are just basic necessities: blankets, pajamas, clothes, socks, hairbrushes, and electric razors. Some of the residents ask for stuffed animals, makeup, books, and old-time music or movies. The innocence and simplicity of the requests is humbling (socks); heartbreaking (a stuffed animal to cuddle); and hilarious (makeup!) all at the same time.

    We’ve reminded them that they are known and they are cared for. They are loved. It is absolutely one of the most humbling and important things I’ve done in my life and will continue to do.

  6. What’s your background?
    I am a proud graduate of URI – class of 2007. I am an English major… when I graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when “I grew up,” so I took on an internship in communications. They asked me to write a press release, and I said, “Sure! What is it?” That was the start of an amazing career for me, now to be continued at RDW.