Do you know how many emails were sent on Black Friday via Mailchimp? Nearly, 1.2 billion, a Mailchimp record. Now that holiday shopping season is in full swing, you’re probably wondering how you can best position your brand in order to cut through the noise and finish the year off strong. Let’s talk holiday email marketing. 

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

  1. holiday shopping email marketingOpen rates and clicks decrease during the holidays, across the board. Don’t take it as an indicator that your messaging isn’t effective or that you have poor strategy. Accept that the extreme volume of incoming emails bombarding your target audience’s inbox WILL impact open rate. Instead of looking at open rate, pay more attention to unsubscribes. 
  2. Put your best foot forward for your most-engaged users. While it might be tempting to send out evergreen content or try to unload older product, resist this strategy, particularly for those that are already responding to your content. Your most engaged users are still going to be harder to reach during this time of year, so hit them with your best shot – meaning your newest products, your best content, and exclusive offerings, if possible. 
  3. But don’t forget about your inactive users, either. The holidays are when most people do the bulk of their shopping. If you’ve got a dud contact, someone who hasn’t clicked a link in months, don’t give up on them just yet. He or she might have been waiting for this time of year to finally engage. While this may sound like a B2C tip, this is also valuable for universities and nonprofits, as users may have more downtime this time of year, and be open to making life choices or committing to something new. 
  4. Stay on Santa’s “Nice” list by keeping contacts clean. Since engagement is lower around the holidays, it’s particularly important to avoid spam reports and email bounces. This is a great time to clean up your lists, or create more targeted lists for even more effective messaging. 
  5. Send more emails. Lower engagement can be freeing as it allows you to send more emails and think outside the box when it comes to messaging. This is the time to test a new type of email, or maybe be a bit more daring with your content. As long as unsubscribes are staying low, think of sending more emails a clink on your champagne glass for a holiday cheers. You have to be heard, after all.


What aspects of holiday email marketing stresses you out? Share your concerns below and we can chat.