IGTV, Instagram’s new television feature allows users to post videos up to ten minutes long versus the previous one minute time limit.

What is IGTV?

With more than one billion Instagram users, IGTV Instagram will deliver big competition for YouTube. It is accessible from the Instagram home screen but also has its own application free to download from the app store. IGTV was created so Instagram users can watch videos longer than one minute. It has a high convenience factor since most users text, call, and use their applications vertically. In fact, videos from accounts you currently follow or might be interested in pop up automatically!

To discover more accounts (or as IGTV refers to as channels) you have the capability to swipe between the different tabs which include:

  • For You – Instagram’s suggestions for you to view
  • Following – videos from the accounts you follow
  • Popular – videos that others are watching and have good reviews
  • Continue Watching – automatically saved videos you did not finish
  • Search – a search bar where users can find channels

Also, when new content is posted, users will receive a notification while browsing. Instagram allows larger accounts to post up to an hour of content while the smaller ones can be up to ten minutes. An IGTV icon is located next to the Messages section of your Instagram profile. This seamlessly integrates IGTV into your profile making your videos easily accessible. If you need help setting up or using IGTV you can refer to their help center. 

IGTV Instagram Set-up

How can IGTV support your brand?

  1. Strategic Thinking before Recording

    It is important to generate a plan of action before creating or posting. Think of your goals and who you plan to reach with this content. What do you hope to accomplish? Visual elements should be considered. After recording the video on your phone, you can use a video editor to add music or transitions or simply upload it right away. Some accounts prefer to record videos with a camera or horizontally, if this sounds like you, make sure to edit and crop your video to fit the correct dimensions. Similar to writing a speech, the video needs a hook in the first couple of seconds to catch the viewer’s attention before they swipe to the next channel!

  2. Creating Awareness

    IGTV is a great outlet to show the purpose and mission of your work to an extremely large audience and cross section of demographics. Consider showing a view from behind the scenes of what differentiates your product. You could also produce video testimonials. After posting your video on IGTV, you can also post on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  3. Employee Engagement

    Employees are representatives of your brand. IGTV is be a great way to showcase the employees who create your products and services. Every employee has their own unique story of how they got to where they are so showcase who they are, their achievements, and their notable attributes and accomplishments to draw interest to potential clients. IGTV is also an avenue to document employee culture within the workspace on a day to day basis while sparking interest in an organic medium.  

  4. Generate conversions with a CTA

    When utilizing IGTV it is essential to create a call to action (CTA) which leads viewer back to your website, social media pages, or other platform where they can get information. In the description of each video posted there an option to add multiple clickable links that are accessible on computers as well. This can help generate conversions when used strategically. Make sure to remind viewers if you choose to add one.