When most non-millennials think of Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is a trendy hangout for “teeny-boppers” filled with over-filtered photos. However, most people don’t know that Instagram has become an excellent social marketing platform for brands. Among other things, your brand can use Instagram to reach the right audience, share eye-catching content, and create a new perspective of your organization.

Your audience is here.

Spend a few minutes on the platform and you will see the audience’s engagement speak for itself. It is the place to be for brands to reach a large target —especially a younger demographic. Internet users spend more time on Instagram than almost any other social media platform (besides Facebook, of course). With both organic and sponsored opportunities, organizations can truly reach a new target audience with this platform. Even better? On average, Instagram users access the app six times per day, providing multiple opportunities for fans to engage with branded content.

You can share diverse, visual content.

These Instagram users logging on six times per day want to see brands posting images of their products, services, and culture. This gives organizations the opportunity to provide their followers with eye-catching visual content, helping better tell their story. Without the clutter of news articles, events, sales pitches, and other common social media content, you can focus simply on visual storytelling. The key to success? Authenticity. Avoid repurposing banners or advertisements on this platform. Stick to images that make users proud to be a customer.

You can give your audience a new brand perspective.

Determining how to showcase your organization strategically on the platform is no easy task. Consider ways to increase your customers’ intimacy with your services or brand by showing them “sneak peaks” and behind-the-scenes looks at your company. Sharing this type of content with your followers lets them know how you’re doing, feeling, thinking in that very moment can provides them an authentic glimpse into your life. This type of communication can change their perspective entirely, helping create strong brand loyalty.

These are only a few of the many reasons Instagram should be a key player in a social media strategy. If I haven’t convinced you already, take a scroll through one of your favorite brand’s feeds and see how Instagram is changing the social media game.