Introducing Julie, our newest production manager. Julie comes to us from Highpoint, North Carolina, where she handled the creation, production and implementation of a number of integrated national campaigns. We’re excited to welcome her to the RDW family! Learn a little more about her and you’ll see why.

  1. Do you have any nicknames we should know about?

    People who know me well call me Jools.

  1. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

    I’m very proud to have broken out of the stereotypical English taste for meat, potato and a vegetable, although being in RI it’s a shame I’ve never been able to love shellfish.

  1. What’s your favorite part about working in an agency?

    My favorite part about working in an ad agency is the people. Creative minds, business brains, the kind of people that like to get things done.

  1. Why did you choose RDW?

    I have crossed paths at one time or another with so many people here. It’s Rhode Island. Everyone knows or is related to someone I know. It was an easy decision.

Julie production manager

  1. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

    Hawaii. My husband qualified for the Ironman World Championships in 2011. The perfect weather, the beautiful scenery and the best beaches were made all the more special by seeing him achieve his dream.

  2. Cat person or dog person? Why?

    Dog person. They are always happy to see you. I don’t currently have a dog but I’m working on it.

  3. Favorite karaoke song?

    I only sing in my car. I can now disguise it by pretending I’m yelling into my hands-free device, but it could range from Patsy Cline to Def Leppard.

  4. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

    To change a rainy day when I want to head to the beach.

  5. Most rewarding project/past achievement you’ve been a part of?

    Although I’m no longer a member I went out of my comfort zone and recently joined a community band in North Carolina to play flute. It’s been both personally rewarding and rewarding in the sense that it connected me to a memory care program that provides the elderly with iPods loaded with their favorite music to help them recall their past. Music can be a very powerful thing.

So happy to have you here, Julie. Welcome!