Help us give a warm welcome to the newest Search and Analytics Specialist on the RDW team, Luc Parlange!  Luc comes backed with a post-graduate certificate in Data Analytics and a passion for painting the picture of what’s working for your marketing strategy. We sat down and asked him some questions to help you get to know him better and here’s what he had to say. 

1. What are your favorite and least favorite foods? Please elaborate 

Love: Enchiladas (anything Mexican really)
Least favorite: Liver (any strange part of the body to eat really) 

2. What is your favorite part about working in Marketing?

It is helping shape how companies, the government, and higher education establishments portray themselves in creative and innovative ways. I enjoy doing the analytics behind that since I get to paint a clear picture of what is working, and where our clients can refocus their efforts if necessary. 

3. Why did you choose RDW? 

I talked with Phil Texiera one Saturday and he only had incredible things to say about the company. The next day I checked the website to see that RDW was hiring for a job that was exactly what I was looking for – it was a no-brainer for me.

4. Who’s your idol? Why? 

Michael Powell – previous lacrosse MVP from Syracuse. He was my idol when I was a kid since he was undeniably the best during his years in lacrosse performing incomparable feats and still stood out amongst his prominent family, many of whom also played varsity lacrosse.

5. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? 

Istanbul in Turkey, and Yellowstone out west.

6. Cat person or dog person? Why? 

Cat – I’ve always had them! 

7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 

A power that would let me physically picture a clear path toward whatever goal I was working on.

8. Most rewarding project/past achievement you’ve been a part of? 

When I was at university, I became very invested in the club I was a part of (2500+ member club). Through this club, I helped fund, develop, and put together the first gaming lounge in all of Canada, as well as host tournaments for games with over 800 participants.

9. What’s your background (educational)? 

I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of British Columbia (research assistant in consumer behaviour) and post-graduate certification in Data Analytics from British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Welcome Luc! We’re excited to keep finding innovative and creative solutions with you.