As Caroline, from our Boston office, recently wrote, “the only incorrect answer to ’What is Content?’ is silence.” Whether your company is B2B or B2C, there are plenty of opportunities to create content that makes an impact on your audience.

Think before you put pen to paper (or the digital equivalent)

We can’t say it enough: having a strategy is key. Whether you’re ready to share your content or you’re still deciding on the best mix for your brand, if you don’t have measurable goals in place it won’t matter. After all, if you’re not measuring how do you know if you’re seeing success from your efforts?

Create content that provides value

Remember: It’s not about you. The best way to make your content do the hard work for you is to focus on your audience. Remember your buyer personas? You’ll want to keep these in mind. Who are they? What are their needs? The more you focus on solving their problems and providing helpful information over tooting your own horn, the more you’ll be able to generate quality leads and create customers. .

Be different

Don’t be afraid to break the rules and let your creative juices flow. Maybe some folks aren’t considering your brand yet, because they haven’t heard of you or they just didn’t know you provided a certain service. Creating content that breaks the mold (experimenting with video, changing your voice, being more authentic, experimenting with paid social media tactics) can help amplify your efforts and put you in front of new prospects when and where it matters.

Remember that the channel matters

So, you’ve created it, but where should you distribute it? Social Media? Email? Somewhere else? The best option for you will depend on the nature of the content and where your buyer personas spend their time. Did they subscribe to a list receive your updates? Send them email (but make sure it’s relevant to the interests they expressed when they signed up). Trying to reach a targeted audience? Paid Social Media tactics may be your best bet. Avoid putting everything, everywhere.

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