Introducing the newest Producer on our iFactory team, Melissa Ranalli. A fan of being at the “center of the wheel” of a project, we’re confident she has the skills and passion to pull your next project together. Learn a little more about her and you’ll see why.

  1. Do you have any nicknames we should know about?

    My friends and family call me a number of things but mostly ‘Meliss,’ ‘Mel,’ ‘Ranalli’ or just full first name: Melissa

  2. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

    I can’t get enough pizza and I live the Northend of Boston so there’s no shortage of options.  I also really love any type of Mexican dish, seafood and steak!  I think the only thing that I will not eat is anything that has mayonnaise on it – yuck!

  3. Why did you choose iFactory?

    I was really excited to work with higher-ed and non-profit clients and focus on website strategy and design projects.  But I was 100% sold when I met the Boston team – I knew this would be a place of collaboration, support and positive energy and I was even more excited to be a part of that culture as well as work with really smart and kind people.

  4. What is your favorite part about working as a Producer?

    I enjoy being the ‘center of the wheel’ of a project, so to speak, and having the opportunity to work with the various departments and phases of a project to pull everything together from kickoff to the end product.  It’s fulfilling to see a project from its inception to its launch.

  5. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

    There are so many!  One of my most favorite cities in the US (besides Boston!) is Nashville – I love the South and I love the constant music that is happening at all of hours of the day and night.  I was in Greece in May and Mykonos is one of my most favorite European spots – so beautiful and so relaxed, plus there is amazing food!

  6. What’s your background?

    I have a bachelor’s degree in English Communications with a minor in Graphic Design from Emmanuel College in Boston.

  7. Cat person or dog person?

    I am 100% a dog person – Dogs are always happy to see you and are comforting when you’re sick or sad.  I am that person on the street that tries to pet the dogs walking by 🙂

Welcome, Melissa. We’re excited to have you keeping the wheels moving