Becoming “fun,” “hip,” and reaching a “younger demographic” are all goals that brands would do unspeakable things to achieve. Producing more engaging content seems simple in theory, but those sitting behind the screen know how complicated this can actually be. Take it from me, an early-twenties millennial, these efforts can seem forced. We see right through you. We’ll call you out on it. Here’s a look at marketing approaches that can help you break through to the elusive millennial marketplace.

Snapchat: the golden platform

The evidence is there: Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34-year-olds in the United States. In a blog post from earlier this year, we examined the best ways your brand can be successful on your own account. The upkeep of content on your brand’s account—along with utilizing paid Snapchat advertising—is the best way to hit the millennial sweet spot. Advertising on Snapchat may seem like something that’s only accessible to huge corporations. But, there are actually tons of ways to get your word out without shelling out hundreds of thousands. For example, buy a branded geofilter. These are small graphics that can be applied over a Snapchat photo when taken within the perimeter of your business or event. They’re inexpensive, effective, and when designed innovatively, can even pique the interest of passersby. Also, consider influencer takeovers. Do your research and use a relevant user’s popularity to expand your own.

Stand for something, including fun.

Being controversial doesn’t necessarily mean inappropriate. For example, Campbell’s soup got a ton of traffic when they “shut down haters” of an ad featuring two dads. They boldly spoke their minds, and in turn earned the respect and trust of tons of social media users. Your reputation with millennials will skyrocket when the consumer feels that the company has an ethical head on its shoulders.

You can also make this fun. Participate in a viral video craze or weigh in on whatever lighthearted argument is plaguing the Internet that day. Just be sure to keep it relevant. Chipotle’s twitter, @ChipotleTweets is known to spread the burrito love and respond to all comments and concerns—no matter how ridiculous.

Be brief

When it comes to reading and viewing content, younger audiences are often commitment-phobes. Many users scroll to the bottom of an article before reading it to be sure of what they’re getting themselves into. They need to see value or they’ll move on. Say what you need to say in the shortest amount of words, because typically the user has four other social platforms they’re viewing at the same time. The most important thing you can do is provide value. Remember, another organization’s content is just a Google search away.

So, get to it! Mess around with Snapchat, sift through and respond to your business’ mentions, and get to having fun. After all, it’s what the kids are doing these days.