As an agency, we have for nearly a decade been guided by our mission and mantra: “Creating Positive Change.”

But what does that mean? For us, that has always meant a conscious decision to align ourselves with organizations and businesses whose work plays a meaningful role in making the world, or even a small segment of it, a better place.

“Creating Positive Change” has been our north star for a decade for two important reasons.


And a deep sense of satisfaction in the work we get to do.

Take, for instance, our work on behalf of Access Health Connecticut and HealthSource Rhode Island, the Affordable Care Act exchanges in Connecticut and Rhode Island that have become national models for how to reach audiences often reluctant to work with the government on the most basic of human needs: affordable healthcare. Our work has helped hundreds of thousands across southern New England to get access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Or our work for the Cornell University School of Engineering, where their goal was to improve on the underrepresentation of women in the engineering field? Women comprise just 22 percent of the undergraduate engineering students nationally. Our work helped Cornell become the first engineering school in the Ivy league to enroll a class that was equally weighted between men and women – positive change of the highest order!

Or what about helping older adults to enjoy the companionship of robotic pets like the ones offered by Ageless Innovation, a Rhode Island company on the leading edge of technological innovation with a decidedly human touch? Our work helped Ageless Innovation achieve its strongest annual sales and best organic social media presence, give a TEDxProvidence talk, and identify that more than half of its digital marketing spend supported a purchase through Amazon.

What all these engagements have in common – and hundreds more like them over the years – is a commitment to creating positive change.

Our understanding of opportunities for change not only serves as the core differentiation of the work we do but also guides us in the selection of companies and organizations with which we are excited to collaborate.

We’ve always been inspired by the words of Margaret Mead, the 1960’s era American cultural anthropologist who often commented on media and its impact on society. She said: “Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We’re fortunate to work with so many clients who are doing just that. One robotic pet; one affordable health plan; one woman engineer at a time.