My mom had a simple line that she would use whenever I was not being productive or simply getting in the way. I know it was said with love and always a pinch of sarcasm but “Chuck, make yourself useful” will always ring out in my head whenever I¹m feeling bored or need to look for inspiration.

It was this type of a spirited attitude that permeated my childhood. It taught me that my mom was always looking to give me a purpose, and helped me formulate a principled work ethic and gave me a “self-check” for just about every spare moment in my life.

Throughout my career, this reminder has kept me focused in times of plenty and given me solace in the lean years as I’ve always been able to keep myself productive and (for the most part) useful.

In our business, I also see this ethic as a backdrop to exactly what a good agency does for its clients. We are always looking for ways to generate purposeful action. We execute and evaluate everything we do in order to improve, or at least maximize, our usefulness internally and (most importantly) for our clients.

We proactively work to incite positive change with fervor and with purpose because it’s innate for us… It’s what we do. It’s what we all do.

So, to my mom I say thank you for keeping me in line and giving me something I couldn’t learn from a textbook. And to RDW, thank you for giving me a place to put it to work