Help us give a warm welcome to Preston Naclerio, the newest IA/UX Designer on our iFactory team. Preston comes to us with a BA in Visual Design from Curry College and certifications in HTML5, CSS3, and User Experience Design. Take a minute to learn a little more about him and you’ll see why we’re so excited to have him on the team.

  1. Do you have any nicknames we should know about?

    I do, but only my oldest friends know it and I would never expect or even want anyone calling me it in a professional setting-Haha. 

  2. What are your favorite and least favorite foods? Please elaborate

    I’m the opposite of picky in regards to food… I eat nearly everything, so pin-pointing a favorite is difficult. I think a good Chicken Cacciatore is up there on my list.

    Where I draw the line is certain seafoods. It’s an unpopular opinion since I live in Boston, but anything related to clams/mussels/oysters/scallops is a “no from me dawg”.

  3. What is your favorite part about working in Web Design?

    My favorite part of Web Design is creating sites and applications that users WANT to use and are simple and intuitive. Knowing a client or user is having an enjoyable experience using the tool or site we created gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.  Solving problems is a rewarding feeling.

  4. Why did you choose iFactory?

    I chose iFactory because the team was very warm and personable. The prospect of working with multiple clients/brands also excited me as a designer. iFactory also has a very prestigious track record and their designs are very high quality; showing their passion and care to deliver a strong product. 

  5. Who’s your idol? Why?

    My parents are my idols. They raised me to be kind, respectful and hard-working. I try to be like them every day.

  6. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

    My cousin got married in the Dominican Republic. It was the first time I was out of the country and an experience I will never forget. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I would go back in a heartbeat.  

  7. Cat person or dog person? Why?

    I am a dog person who has a cat. I love dogs and can really relate to their energy levels/ personalities but I just don’t have the time at this point in my life to properly train a dog and give it the attention it needs. My cat likes to spend about an hour with me a day, then she gets bored and wanders off. Fitting for my lifestyle at the moment.

  8. Favorite karaoke song?

    I have only sung karaoke one time but it was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. A CLASSIC! 

  9. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

    I would love to fly. I used to ride my bike down this huge hill every day when I was a kid. I miss that “wind in the hair” feeling that you can really only get with something like skiing-which I also enjoy. I could also avoid some of Boston traffic and get to work sooner!

  10. What’s the most rewarding project or past achievement you’ve been a part of?

    I have two — one UX related and the other General Industrial/Product Design. I was the lead designer on an application product that allows users to control their holiday lawn inflatables. It was a great first experience and I found it to be a helpful learning moment. For the other, I designed a Mosasaurus inflatable pool float that was 60″ long. I worked with the licensing team at Universal Studios and had access to their library of assets to create the float. Jurassic Park is my favorite movie franchise and I never imagined working on such a project with the official team.

Welcome to the team, Preston! We’re looking forward to creating simple, intuitive solutions that users want to use with you.