As marketers, we always feel good when we launch a new campaign. Well, this week it felt great to introduce the Rhode Island Department of Health’s new Family Visiting campaign.

Then again, how could we not feel great about promoting a program that offers free services and assistance to moms-to-be, parents, and families so they can help their babies grow up healthy and strong?

That’s not to say it wasn’t a challenge: our target audience was multilingual, multicultural, geographically diverse, and had tough-to-predict media habits. We also had to reach out to a large network of potential referrers (doctors, counselors, and others).

Qualitative research with dozens of moms confirmed what out intuition told us — the fact that every single member of our target audience wants the best for their child. We aimed for the heart with a simple, engaging thought: “love that baby,” a statement that has meaningful appeal on multiple levels.

· It encourages you to show babies how much you love them.

· It’s a sympathetic understanding that no matter what, you can’t help but love babies.

· It’s a public acknowledgement that we all simply love babies.

To really bring out the love, we plastered everything with the cutest baby faces we could find. With a fresh, eye-catching graphic treatment, adorable babies, simple copy, and resounding reinforcement garnered through local testing with our target audience, we were ready to go.

And go we did. We executed a fully integrated campaign that had it all: bus wraps, outdoor boards, a microsite, a Facebook page, online ads, buttons, radio spots, and video testimonials in which program participants and family visitors tell their stories. We created special posters, educational tips, and client referral cards for our referrer network. Because those cute babies were catching every mom’s eye, we put them on a desktop display designed to hold the referral cards. With help from the Department of Health’s Family Visiting interns, we assembled and hand-delivered more than 100 referrer packages to doctor’s offices and community centers.

2015 is off to a great start at RDW, creating positive change right out of the gate!