Quality over quantity is a key factor in most aspects of life, and that basic principle shouldn’t change when you’re focusing on social media marketing and content creation.

Content pulls in leads by educating prospects about the brand and about what it can provide for them. Without strong content, your prospective leads aren’t being drawn to your website or your social media channels. So then why are marketers producing meaningless content just for content’s sake?

Why it’s Important to Produce Quality Content


Brand Authenticity

Ask yourself this, why would you engage with a piece of content? The answer is almost always because it’s informational, entertaining or it comes from a brand you trust. When a brand is creating content with the sole purpose of increasing applications or sales, a lack of authenticity begins to arise. The more relevant the quality of your content is to help educate your readers, the greater a chance you have at increasing your following of individuals who are important to the brand, otherwise known as targeting and reaching your buyer personas.

Diversity in Content

When content is produced to meet quantity goals, it starts to seem familiar and you begin to see a pattern that lacks creativity. The content becomes unoriginal and misses the main goal of adding value through your content marketing efforts. When content is rapidly created with the incentive to generate as much as possible, this is when we see less thought behind each topic. As the streamline of communications between potential leads and the face of a brand, we should be striving for clarity and education in our content that is engaging to our prospects.

Increased Search Engine Rankings

Search engines look for quality and reliable content through social signals when determining your rank. This means that the quality of your content is being accounted for, which will impact your SEO. If you’re creating low-quality content, or just creating content to reach a certain quantity quota, search engines take notice. They’re more likely to drive traffic towards an account sharing valuable content than one that’s not.

The Proof is in the Results

Creating quality content can sometimes seem like you’re paying more for less, but the proof is in the results. While this can sometimes seem discouraging because you might not see results right away, don’t abandon your quality over quantity approach. Give it some time and your audience will begin to grow along with the quality content that is beneficial to your followers.

Your social media marketing strategy is only as strong as your worst piece of content. Take more time to produce less content. Invest your time in quality organic content because the outcome will result in leads, but it might take some time. Quality content can grow your audience, create authenticity in your brand and justify to your customers that you’re a thought leader in your industry.