The RDW Team traveled to Boston recently for the SearchLove Conference to hear from the world’s leading thinkers in online marketing for two days of ideas and inspiration. In case you missed it, here are some of the learnings from the 2-day conference our team will be adding to our client playbook.

!Más PPC Por Favor! Breaking Into Bilingual Search Campaigns by Francine Rodriquez

The number of Spanish keyword searches has increased from about 65% to 200% between 2011 and 2014. – Think with Google

Currently, there are 54.1 million Spanish-speakers in the US today. 

If you perform a search for the term “web page design services,” you’ll quickly see a crowded results page, with advertisers paying top dollar to fight their way to the top of the SERP. Now, perform that same search in Spanish and just a single ad appears, and at a much lower CPC. 

You can see where I’m going with this. A missed opportunity indeed. When (and only when) it makes sense for your business, consider adding bilingual campaigns into your marketing mix to ensure you’re not leaving a potentially untapped userbase on the table. 


10 Ways to Get Results with Local SEO by Joy Hawkins

One of the most important but overlooked factors that can make or break your local SEO ranking is actually a pretty simple one. Ensuring that your Google My Business listing is configured with the best primary category for your business is crucial because it holds the most ranking weight. Also, these categories are constantly changing so you’ll want to make sure you check in regularly to see where you best fit as they can get pretty granular. 


Practical Tips for Improving E-A-T by Marie Haynes

While Google’s proprietary algorithms remain mostly an ambiguously interpreted closely-held secret, one thing remains true. Google places a heavy weight on EAT. That is Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These factors help Google determine the overall quality of a website and ultimately help its algorithms determine ranking.


Tips for improving E-A-T

  • Earn valuable backlinks to your website from trusted sources.
  • Submit a guest post. 
  • Create a unique content marketing strategy

While these tips just scratch the surface of what’s possible to improve your site’s rankings and online visibility, they are a great starting point. If you haven’t had the chance to attend a conference like SearchLove, it is a great opportunity to learn new approaches and strategies you would have never thought about trying, network with some really smart people, and hear some incredible stories.