In case you’ve been under a rock for the past three years, Snapchat has become quite the juggernaut when it comes to the world of social media. Their 2015 fourth quarter reports showed that their 100 million plus users are watching over 7 billion video clips each day. To put that in perspective, Facebook currently has 1.15 billion users, and those users are watching a little over 8 billion videos daily. Based on these numbers that continue to grow each quarter, Snapchat has proven to be a social media platform with insurmountable potential. So the question is, why isn’t your business on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s core demographics show that their dominant users are 13-28 and make up 81% of their total users. That being said, if your business is selling life insurance policies or mortgage consulting services, then you probably won’t see the payoff that a large amount of businesses are already experiencing. I’ve broken down the four most important concepts to achieving success on Snapchat for your business. 

You Need to Take Users Behind the Scenes

We are curious beings by nature and Snapchat is providing us an inside look into what people and business are doing on daily basis. Users want to see a sneak peak at the day-to-day operation of how your business runs. Keep your followers wanting more by teasing them with clips of new products or services soon to be offered. By showing your followers private content, they will be more inclined to continue to watch your business’s Snapchat story, and be up to date with what your business has to offer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see how Taco Bell makes their new Quesalupa (well maybe some of you don’t, but I do). 

It’s a Group Effort

In order to create successful content for your business’s Snapchat, it would be in your best interest to delegate some of the responsibility. By giving more people access to your account in your business, you will show a broader perspective of how your business is run. Let’s use a large company like Nike for example. Rather than one person from the social media team running their Snapchat, wouldn’t it be more interesting to have people’s perspectives shown live in fields like design, production, testing, and in-store operations? This same idea can be applied to any business to truly gain creative content. Avoid micromanaging and give the interns your Snapchat account because chances are they understand the platform more than you do. Of course, all of this within reason. We’d recommend a central brand gatekeeper to publish and maintain a quality and effective content mix.  

We’ll Say it Once, We’ll Say it Again, Content is King

The whole purpose behind Snapchat is to provide users with an instant experience with people in their network. That being said, the most important feature on the app for your business would be Snapchat stories. These stories are essentially a string of videos and pictures that create a digital narrative, but are only available to be seen for 24 hours by your followers. Snapchat stories have a high CTR at 90%, which is incredible compared to the standard email marketing that only has 25% open rate. This type of real-time social media marketing is amazing because your audience is essentially viewing your content live. The key is generating content that gets your followers excited and wanting to see more. The app is super user friendly, so creating a picture or video that generates excitement isn’t as hard as people think. Deliver content that is fun, interesting, relatable, and exciting.

Cross Platform Promotion is Key

One of the biggest challenges for businesses entering the Snapchat community is how to gain followers. Snapchat doesn’t offer a “people you may know” or “explore” feature like other popular social networking sites. The only way to add an account to your friends list is to enter that account name in manually. Cross platform promotion is vital to gain followers on your Snapchat. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great start to get your new account out there. The app also has developed a feature that gives each user their individual QR code. Yes, Snapchat might be the only platform using QR codes that actually have value. All a user has to do is take a picture of another user’s QR code to instantly add them to their friends list. A suggestion would be to take a screenshot of your business’s QR code and post that on your other social media platforms. You may have to work for those followers at first, but over time your business will reap the rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Start snapping.