Some business-to-business (B2B) companies think that “going social” means putting up a Facebook page and calling it a day.  Some resist the idea of social media entirely because they don’t see the benefits at all. But these days, “going social” means so much more than being on Facebook. The platforms available in the social world are growing and diverse; B2B companies need to understand which social media platform works best to accomplish their specific goals in the marketing mix. The possibilities and the benefits are endless.

Things to consider:

  • How about having ads served up to design engineers on LinkedIn, or establishing a YouTube channel featuring product demonstrations to  build awareness and support the sales team?
  •  Would you like to identify key influencers in your industry, listen to what they are saying about your products and your competitors’ products?
  • How about Tweeting about new products, important webinars, or trade show events? These are all social marketing tactics that can be leveraged to effectively compete in today’s challenging economy. RDW can not only help you add them to the marketing mix, we can provide the strategy and measurable results that you need.
  • We also have the time and expertise (not to mention great creativity)  to develop engaging content and create results-oriented ideas that will resonate with your unique B2B audience.  Traditional, non-traditional, print or digital, RDW is ready to partner with you. Don’t be anti-social. Let’s talk.