Here’s the thing, like most social media marketers, we love our jobs. We’re inspired by the constant challenges that come with changing platforms, technology, and everything else. We relish the ways we can reinvent things on a daily basis and do what others before have never done. That being said, the social industry comes with its fair share of bumps in the road. While we understand that good things take time, we can’t help but wonder why so many of the platforms we use as tools seem to stack the odds against us?

So this, dear Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all-the-other-platform gods, is our wish list (read: desperate plea) to you:

  1. Can you make it possible to save Facebook ad campaigns as a draft (gasp!)?
  2. For the love of all that is mighty may we please have the ability to edit tweets?!
  3. And while you’re at it, LinkedIn posts?
  4. For our billing team’s sake, can we have a tool that monitors and updates budgets for paid social media campaigns?
  5. May we PLEASE have the ability for company pages to tag others on LinkedIn? Why does this only exist for LinkedIn University pages?
  6. Hey Facebook, can you stop making it impossible to get good engagement on YouTube videos?
  7. Can you build a crop feature on Twitter designed to keep the whole image but crop how users will view it in the feed?
  8. Or give us the ability to schedule tweets/edit scheduled tweets on mobile?
  9. What we would give for a centralized dashboard for community management, much like you would see in Sprout Social or HubSpot, where all of our incoming comments, messages, and other key information would appear separated by client? (This in lieu of having to go to each page separately to view notifications.)
  10. Additionally, a separate dropdown section for hashtags on instagram posts would make our day
  11. With that in mind, when will we be able to Livestream on Instagram?
  12. And for that matter, may we have the ability to tag a video on Instagram (as opposed to tagging the person in the comments)?
  13. Call us crazy, but what about a better re-posting feature on Instagram?
  14. Or the ability to schedule posts in advance on the platform?
  15. Imagine if we could have embedded Instagram analytics on brand posts?!
  16. And finally, we’ll sign anything you want if you give us the ability to log into multiple twitter accounts on, like you can from the app.

Special thanks to Ryan McAssey and Kaitlyn Delaney for contributing their social media hopes and dreams.