Wake up; check Instagram. Get to class, check twitter. Bored? Scroll through Facebook. Many people are guilty of checking social media platforms when they wake up, throughout the day and just before they go to bed. As a twenty-two year old that grew up on social media platforms, I don’t post much of my own content, but I am always scrolling, watching to see what is going on. Social media content reaches 82% of the online world’s population, making it a great tool for online marketing and brand engagement.

When brands and companies use social media as a marketing or communications tool, they need to understand how their target audiences are using that platform in order to use it effectively.


When using Facebook for your brand it’s important to consider what users are looking for, which is quick entertaining visual content. So keep it short and sweet. Facebook is the number one social media platform across demographics..A surprising 1 in every 6 minutes spent online is on Facebook. The platform has 1.09 billion daily active users (a third of whom engage with brands regularly). Many people, myself included, use Facebook for entertainment; consuming video content, and to engage with personal connections. The largest demographic on Facebook are users between 25 and 34.


Twitter is where people go for 140 characters of information about brands relevant to them. Studies show that 86% of twitter users use this platform for news and information. 53% of users never post updates. Twitter users are three times more likely than Facebook users to follow brands and 49% of monthly users follow brands they love. Teenagers in high school are the most active users on twitter.


Instagram has 500 million users and studies show that it has 58% times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 68% of their users engage with brands regularly. Instagram is used to share photos and videos either publicly or privately to those who follow you. While Instagram is a phenomenal platform for reaching consumers in the US, it is important to keep in mind that 75% of users are actually outside of the U.S and 55% of users fall between the age of 18 and 29.


LinkedIn is a professional platform with 433 million registered users. However, only 40% of users visit the platform daily. LinkedIn members use it as an online resume to connect with others on a professional level. It is a platform that reaches 200 countries and territories with a whopping 70% of users outside the U.S. Although Facebook is the number one social media platform studies show that 13% of Linked-in users don’t have a Facebook, opening up opportunities to engage with users you might’ve missed.


Snapchat is a mobile app that at its core is used to send photos and videos that self-destruct after a certain period of time. Snapchat was released in September 2011 and has grown exponentially since. Snapchat has more than 300 million monthly active users 60% of which are between the ages of 13-34. Although it is one of the newer social media platforms it’s second only to Facebook in terms of usership.

When using Snapchat it is important to remember who your audience is and what they are looking for. Just because your audience is there doesn’t mean they want to listen to content from your brand. Like all social platforms, the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you can add value.

Social media is an incredible tool when used correctly, be sure you know what your target market is looking for as they scroll though their mobile apps in order to reach them in an effective way. More than anything, remember to keep it visual and appropriate for the platform you’re using.