Ever notice that a Chevy Corvette, from almost any distance, is unmistakably a Corvette? No matter the year or model? Its sweeping curves and robust silhouette have become its signature, thanks in part to its all-fiberglass body construction—a revolutionary concept in 1953 when it premiered.

As unlikely as it seems, through multiple generations of design teams and radical changes in automotive design technology, 63 model years later, the Corvette remains true to its heritage, its roots.

Alas, in our business, exciting technology and uber-rapid change can make it easy to forget some of the less-flashy methods and traditions that got us here. Some wrestle with the idea of renaming our services. Let us be honest, “traditional” advertising sounds pretty dull compared to “digital” marketing, and direct mail sounds ancient compared to demand generation. Likewise, inbound marketing is downright sexy next to telemarketing—or for that matter, any tactic born before 2005 when HubSpot co-founder, Brian Halligan, coined the term.

backgammon rdw groupThe point is, whatever tactical jargon you use, it is not as important as knowing the right strategy or combination of strategies to recommend and implement to effectively meet a particular business objective or overcome a marketing challenge. That is where we begin our client conversations.

What follows—depending on budget, timing and other factors—is market research, competition analysis, audience segmentation, positioning, messaging, creative testing and more. This process and these strategic tools are the foundation, the roots of our success. And, why we can embrace rapid change and enjoy the ride—as fast as it is—with the top down. Vroom!