Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This, of course, means everyone is anxiously preparing to inhale mass quantities of delicious food like a Dyson vacuum taking to that hard-to-reach corner of your bedroom after years of neglect. It also means that we’re nearing the end of the calendar year, and your organization is likely fine-tuning its marketing strategy for the new year. As many of my fellow RDW folk have elaborated, social media and content marketing should most definitely be a piece of that strategy. But what should you write about?

For inspiration, look no further than your Thanksgiving dinner plate. Much like the elements of a deliciously arranged holiday dinner provide for the total Thanksgiving experience, an effective social media content strategy also contains a purposefully arranged combination of content types.

The Turkey

The cornerstone protein of any Thanksgiving plate. Carved up and placed front and center for guests to base their plates around. No matter the rest of the sides, this piece is a near-universal constant. Much like the Thanksgiving turkey, your content strategy needs its central meat. This meat should be your branded, evergreen content. Who are you? What are your offerings? These central questions should be addressed with this backbone of your strategy. Much like the Thanksgiving plate is usually formed around the turkey, your audience’s opinions of your brand will be shaped first and foremost around this core category.

The Vegetables

Some like the green beans, some like the carrots, and some have even more eclectic preferences for their healthy-ish side dishes. Much like these fresh sides, your content mix needs to offer a few healthy morsels for your community as well. Infographics, whitepapers, tutorials, and webinars are all great ways to keep your community better informed and trained. Don’t necessarily overload your content calendar with these pieces (no one wants just a plate of carrots for dinner), but sprinkle them on in moderation to promote overall customer health. Remember: the more informed your customer is, the more likely they are to stay.

The Mashed Potatoes & Stuffing

The fluffy white filling and the delicious, flavorful carb-o-load of our dreams. It’s undeniable that potatoes and stuffing usually earn a spot at the table as a Thanksgiving quintessence. While they may not provide the same nutrition as the rest of the sides, they are both satisfying and filling. In a similar vein, your content mix should include industry-related news outside of your brand. Your audience will look to you as an information source that shows a pulse on overall trends in your industry that may matter to your consumers. This material will contribute to the overall theme of your page while providing a little different flavor than an entire publishing schedule of branded, internal-serving social media content.

The Dessert

As comedian Louis C.K. once said, “The meal is not over when I’m full”. When the turkey is picked over and the sides are thoroughly wiped out, it’s time to bust out the pie (and likely the sweatpants). To harp on a phase of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing strategy – you must always continue to delight your customers. After they have converted to your community, purchased your product, and engaged with your content, you must continue to cater offers to them and reward their loyalty. Provide special offers, feature brand ambassadors, and ask your customers what THEY want. The more you can delight your customers, the more you can incentivize those who have already tasted your main course to stick around for dessert. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to stay for dessert?


This post was originally published in November 2016.