“If you write, fix pipes, grade papers, lay bricks or drive a taxi – do it with a sense of pride. And do it the best you know how. Be cognizant and sympathetic to the guy alongside, because he wants a place in the sun, too. And always…always, look past his color, his creed, his religion and the shape of his ears. Look for the whole person. Judge him as the whole person.” 
― Rod Serling

There is a level of verisimilitude in Serling’s writings that I’ve never found elsewhere. His instincts about what should be true and just are uncannily prescient. More often than not, we take ourselves much too seriously and act as if we are performing brain surgery when in fact a lot of what we do is forgettably transactional. Nonetheless, we should still do those things well and take pride in them, of course.

Never lose sight of the things that matter most.

Empathy and understanding at the top of that list. To learn, at a young age that no one is better than anyone else. That we are all brothers and sisters in this crazy cosmic carnival. And while faith looms large to some, the only thing we can all be absolutely sure of is the right now. Don’t be fooled by your own importance or essentialness. “Cemeteries are full of indispensable men,” Charles De Gaulle once said.

Our work at RDW centers on a hypothesis we call “Creating Positive Change.” And it is something we believe in passionately. We believe in it for universities, utilities and hospitals, for manufacturers and retailers; indeed for clients big and small who are here, there and everywhere. Why not? Each and every one of my fellow partners and colleagues believes, as I do, that doing good work and noble work are not mutually exclusive. We believe that we can change the world, even if it’s only a little sliver. Whether it’s a compelling creative piece or an effective PR strategy or a kick-ass media plan; we certainly take the job seriously but never lose sight of the larger mission. That behind and beyond nearly everything we do, there are people, real people with jobs, and bills and families and it is our absolute duty to craft and create with vision and empathy and through a lens of human kindness.

Believe in Positive Change.

From our president to our receptionist to the folks that send out the bills, we subscribe to those famous words on Fox Mulder’s office poster that read “I Want to Believe” (maybe some of us not 100% about the aliens). It is the perfect segue to my conclusion – because I believe that what we do best at RDW Group is never losing sight of the fact that everyone deserves a place in the sun; and that our little agency enjoys a rare, privileged and often public opportunity to help foster this beautiful notion of “Creating Positive Change.”