CarolynnL1        CarolynnL2Join us in welcoming (back) Carolynn Lowe, our newest Associate Creative Director. She comes equipped with a wealth of creative know-how, a passion for right-brained thinking, and the artistic skills to help create positive change for clients and the industry.

Hear what she has to say about peas, RDW and why her children are her idols:

1.) Do you have any nicknames we should know about?

My name is spelled “Carolynn” with 2 n’s which is a pretty uncommon way to spell “Carolyn”. My 3rd grade teacher kept insisting that I was spelling my own name wrong and tried to get me to drop the extra “N”. My mom sent me to school with my birth certificate to prove that I was, in fact, spelling it correctly.

2.) What is your least favorite food?

PEAS. And anything that has peas in it. I can detect a pea in any meal even if it is cleverly disguised.

3.) What is your favorite part about working in creative?

I get to make a living being creative every day! It is a privilege that keeps my right brain engaged even outside of work.

4.) Why did you choose RDW?

I have a long history with RDW both as a full-time employee and in a freelance capacity (17 collective years). Also, having the opportunity to work with the brilliant strategic and creative minds on the RDW team was a big reason for me. I have been able to grow as an art director over the years with our Creative Director, Jeff Patch as a benevolent guide and mentor. I owe much of my career and creative growth to the opportunities and diverse range of work I have been a part of at RDW. It’s like home to me.

5.) Who is your idol?

My children, Jade and Melody. They teach me how to live entirely in every moment. They are the loves of my life.

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