Every year on the first Monday in September, we celebrate Labor Day, but we usually don’t take the time to remind ourselves why we celebrate this holiday in the first place. Labor Day is a celebration that is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers and their contributions to the workforce, which is made up of…well, us! Every day, we work in the same office with the same faces and one of the reasons that we keep coming back for more is because of our employee culture.

Our employee culture is the environment that surrounds us every day at work and is a huge player in our overall happiness and our work ethic. Poor employee culture = poor work ethic and unhappy employees, but happy employee culture = great work ethic and happy employees. Keeping your employees happy is crucial because 32% of employees would take a 10% pay cut for a job that they might be more passionate about. So, how do you show off your employee culture? We have a few ideas.

Understand Your Employee Culture

First of all, in order to embrace your employee culture, you have to understand what that culture is. Employee culture varies from office to office and can be a deal breaker when it comes to new hires or clients. Is your office culture more playful, or laid back, or is there a strong corporate hierarchy? Do you know your company’s key goals, mission statement or values? Understanding your company culture and values that employees look for and projecting that on future hires or clients helps set their expectations ahead of time.

People Shape Your Culture

Remember that the people who work for you or work with you are the ones who help to shape your employee culture. The saying that it only takes one bad apple comes into full play when it comes to office culture. If one person slacks off then it doesn’t take long for others to do the same, but it you’re uplifting and encouraging, that’s when you begin to see the best out of your employees and their work.

Show Off Your Employee Culture

Our employee culture is a part of our everyday life. We breathe, eat and sleep our employee culture forty hours a week and sometimes even more than that. Being able to show off what makes your company unique will reflect in many other aspects and other areas of your business. When potential clients are looking for a company to work with, they’re going to look for one with great values. They want to be involved in a culture where people will understand their needs, goals and be able to be candid with them if something isn’t working.

What Are Ways to Show Off Your Employee Culture?


Be Active on Social Media

Are coworkers hanging out after work? Was there a fun office celebration or party? Post it on social media. Your office doesn’t have to only showcase work 24/7. People appreciate seeing that real people work at your company and real people do activities other than work. Clients will love knowing that your agency or company takes pride in what they do and that they actually love doing it too. This will make working with your company or at your company that much better.

Switch Up the Content

Between professional and personal there’s a fine line in the business world, but when it comes to showcasing employee culture, mix it up. People want to see that you’re not constantly trying to sell a product or services and a good mix of content can demonstrate just that.

Support Your Employees

Your employees have personal lives and causes that are important to them. Your employee might be raising money for a marathon or donating for a good cause and by supporting them you’re showing that your company truly cares.

No matter where you work, remember how important it is to understand and show off your employee culture. There are so many ways to support each other in the workplace and still have fun doing it. We’ve shared a few ways that we show off our culture, now how do you show off yours?