Learn which Snapchat ads to enlist – or avoid – in your next marketing initiative.

Let’s talk Snapchat. You know, that app that “the kids” are using with the funny filters (that’s also a powerful marketing medium for your business). Snapchat has over 187 million average daily users and 71% of those users are under 34 years old. With more than 400 million stories being created every single day and the average user opening the app more than 25 times a day, Snapchat Ads are becoming a marketer’s playground.

First off, you need to determine whether Snapchat is the right social media platform to use to advertise your business. Snapchat offers many different ad products, but not all of them will work for you or fit with your budget. Between Snapchat Ads, Sponsored Geofilters, Sponsored Lenses, Story Ads and more, how do you choose which product is right for your business and will help you reach your end goals? Well, this is where we step in.

Snapchat AdsSnapchat Ads

Probably the most practical and straightforward way of communicating your advertising message on the platform, Snapchat Ads could be the way to go. With a monthly minimum ad spend of $3,000, this ad product is an affordable way to see results. By running 10-second video ads, you can direct your potential consumer to a landing page, an article, to download an app in the App Store, and even to see an extended version of the video. Users do this by “swiping up” in the platform, and the swipe-up rate for Snapchat Ads is reported to be higher than the average click-through rate on other comparable social platforms. This ad product gives you, as the marketer, a free range of options to accomplish your end goal.

Snapchat Ads can be tailored to work for many different industries. If your organization is B2C, then your goal might be to directly impact e-commerce sales. Maybe you’re a financial company trying to grow awareness around your new app; you can do that too. The possibilities for Snapchat Ads can be formulated around your end goal and various organizations across different industries can reap the benefits.


Snapchat FiltersSponsored Geofilters

Sponsored Geofilters aren’t necessarily a way to lead a consumer to a purchase, but these should be utilized to generate awareness and increase brand engagement.

A national Sponsored Geofilter will usually be seen by 40%-60% of the daily Snapchat audience, although they can be targeted more locally as well. The cost of a Geofilter varies depending on the location and if there’s a large event in the area, but usually they cost between $5-$100 a day. If you work in the higher education industry, these filters are a great way to engage your students. Organizations with local retail locations can find value in them to increase engagement and social sharing in-store.



Snapchat LensesSponsored Lenses

What’s the difference between a geofilter and a lense? A Sponsored Lens is an augmented reality component of the Snapchat experience and has taken the Snapchat community by storm. We’ve been watching social media platforms begin to adopt VR/AR into their algorithms and it’s only growing. Usually, consumers shy away from advertisements, but with Sponsored Lenses, we’re seeing the consumer engage with the advertisement and have a completely different experience; mainly because it doesn’t feel like a typical ad.

So what’s the catch? These sponsored ad types are very expensive and can only be run nationally. If you’re doing a nationwide campaign, or have the money to launch your new brand across the U.S., then maybe this is the route for you. For most companies, this placement might be outside of the typical marketing budget.



Snapchat Story AdsStory Ads

Calling all advertisers, big or small, you can get your message across using Story Ads. The most recent ad product added to the Snapchat platform is Story Ads, and they allow you to reach your audience with a branded title in the Discover feed. Viewers can swipe up to watch more, install an app or even be taken directly to your website to purchase a product, similar to a Snapchat Ad. Previously known as Promoted Stories, the now Story Ads are available via the platform’s self-serve Ads Manager.

The main difference with these ads is that they are exclusive to the Discover feed and advertisers can include anywhere from three to 10 snaps under a title. These ads tend to see high ROI because they are camouflaged into the user experience. They don’t appear as ads and are help to give the illusion of influencer marketing.

Story Ads are notoriously known for creating a curiosity gap. Whether you’re teasing a new product or telling a captivating story, Story Ads tend to see very high open rates and completion rates. You can get creative with these ads and showcase a student’s college journey, or a consumer’s experience with a new product.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re promoting your new product, gaining new customers or attracting new prospective students, Snapchat’s various ad types can help you reach your end goal. Discover what aligns with your budget and goals, then get creative. Good luck and happy snapping!