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Academic Medical Centers

Academic Medical Centers

Healthcare is among the most dynamic and competitive marketplaces. Academic medical centers compete with community hospitals and specialized care centers every day for patient census. Where, then, do patients go for answers to their uniquely complex health concerns when they have so many options? What cuts through the haze and leads them to your door? Evidence-based, emotionally connected, patient-centric storytelling is what works — and we’ve done it effectively for NCI designated cancer centers and academic medical centers. Their unique missions translate into breakthrough care for patients.

Hope for the journey

University of New Mexico
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis begins a journey they didn’t plan to take. In New Mexico, that journey often included out-of-state travel to seek treatment. Today, the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center is at the forefront of breakthrough research and expert care. While all cancer journeys are different, this campaign assures all New Mexicans that they can get the best care – close to home.



University of Massachusetts
Medical School

UMASS Med School’s mission is to advance the health and well-being of the people of the commonwealth and the world through pioneering education, research, and health care delivery. In short, they improve people’s lives. What better way to inform the community of the school’s advances than a publication called Vitae?

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Life Stories

University of New Mexico Hospitals

Once perceived as serving the state’s indigent population, the UNM Hospitals currently provide unrivaled, high-quality care to all residents of the state and beyond. By telling stories in the voices of real patients, the emotional impact of expert care is brought to life.