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Health Insurers

Health Insurers

Providing coverage is important, but you also need to engage members at a deeper and more meaningful level. You want them to see you as a partner in their health, not just a payer of their claims. We can help shape the way members perceive you, and build stronger relationships that lead to healthier outcomes (and a healthier bottom line).

From the heart

Neighborhood Health Plan

When you want to expand into new markets and serve new customers, you lead with your strength. Our approach to brand development leveraged strong community support and member loyalty to help this health plan evolve and grow

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Building a healthy community

Access Health CT

How do you motivate previously uninsured individuals to enroll and stay enrolled? Tough question — but we successfully answered it by drawing on lessons learned from working with one of the nation’s most successful health insurance exchanges.


Better together

BlueCross & BlueShield of RI

Ally, partner, trusted advisor — all common positioning themes. What made this brand authentic and real was the people who lived it and the relationships they created.