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Human Service Providers

Human Service Providers

To serve at-risk populations, you need passionate dedication to the cause. You also need funding and community support. Our approach will help you communicate your mission, increase awareness, and attract the resources you need to succeed.

New beginnings

Day One

Determined to end sex abuse and violence, this organization sought to expand awareness of its services. A name change and rebranding led to a new level of support in the community.

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Inspiring success


Needing to inspire donors and impress funders, this large health and human services agency turned to us to help express the essence of what they do and how they do it.


Campaign title


Edesia exists to end malnurition. A mission worthy of being broadcasted and supported around the world. How then does an organization with limited resources get its important message out? RDW's PR strategy continues to help Edesia shed local, regional, and national limelights on the organization's critical humanitarian service.

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