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We can help you translate your research, thought leadership, and dedication into creative, meaningful communications that call attention to the good you’re doing. Channel your assets and knowledge in ways that generate the outcomes you need to support evidence-based practice in population health.

Let’s get this straight

The Flu Shot

The myths and untruths surrounding the flue shot resurface every year. With some straight talk (and a playful attitude), we helped the Rhode Island Department of Health dispel those myths in the hopes of encouraging more people to get immunized.

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Know Zika


Zika is a virus with many unknowns, but this much is true: education and prevention are paramount. We effectively integrated mass media and community-level outreach to communicate with at-risk populations. (project funded in part by the CDC)

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1 in 3

Diabetes Awareness

Nearly one in every three individuals is at risk for type 2 diabetes. How do you grab the attention of a high-risk population that would rather ignore the warning signs and advice? Hit them with truths they can’t ignore. (project funded in part by the CDC)