Social Media

Somewhere online, someone is talking about you … and we strongly recommend that you join the conversation. But how?

To build the social marketing strategy that makes the most sense for you, we start with some good ol’ fashioned research, in the form of a social media audit. This shows us how your brand stacks up in your audience’s eyes and hearts, and helps us determine which outlets best serve your purposes.

We work with you to develop a social media content strategy that allows you to address relevant issues, deepen engagement, share news, tell stories, build loyalty, elevate thought leadership, and communicate with your audience. Of course, we continually measure performance and analyze results to balance the social mix, refine messaging, and solidify your presence in your industry’s digital environment. We also manage the communities that develop on your different social platforms, run promotional campaigns on social properties, and establish and maintain great relationships with relevant bloggers and social influencers.

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