Access Health CT

Encouraging action while calming nerves

To communicate affordability in a credible and convincing way, we boldly paired potential savings with representatives of various audiences, so viewers could have an idea of how much they could save on their health insurance premium. Our media strategy included a focus on guerilla marketing tactics and street team mobilization at community events throughout the summer months.

The campaign generated more than 16 million impressions, 100,000 visits to the Health Source RI website, and 50,000 clicks to the plan selection tool and enrollment page.

Medicaid’s return to pre-pandemic annual redetermination processes impacted more than 400,000 Connecticut residents. To help ease that impact, we created a campaign that featured calm and helpful messaging combined with relatable footage that showed people living and enjoying their heathy lives. We successfully encouraged people to take the necessary steps to ensure they could continue with health coverage — whether they qualified for Medicaid or not.