HealthSource RI

How do you get businesses to share their secrets of success?

To communicate affordability in a credible and convincing way, we boldly paired potential savings with representatives of various audiences, so viewers could have an idea of how much they could save on their health insurance premium. Our media strategy included a focus on guerilla marketing tactics and street team mobilization at community events throughout the summer months.

The campaign generated more than 16 million impressions, 100,000 visits to the Health Source RI website, and 50,000 clicks to the plan selection tool and enrollment page.

Focus group research told us that individuals and businesses prefer to work with a bank that delivers what they want the way they want it. Turns out that’s exactly how Centreville Bank operates. So we developed “banking the way you want” messaging to encourage potential customers to choose Centreville. To make the messages ring true, we invited the bank’s existing customers to share their stories of banking with Centreville — and many were happy to do so.

The bank grew loans, deposits, and overall assets — with a significant 57% jump in its commercial loans (a key product line and focus of the campaign). The then chairman/CEO said the campaign put the bank on an even playing field with its competition.

HealthSource RI for Employers provides insurance coverage that business owners can offer their employees. For years, we’ve helped them spread the word with campaigns that feature business owners who share their success with the program. Unscripted and genuine, peer testimonials like these have proven extremely effective at attracting new customers.