HealthSource RI for Employers

How can health insurance help small businesses in tough times?

HealthSource RI for Employers (HSRI) has enjoyed steady growth and excellent customer retention. Despite that success, many Rhode Island business owners don’t know that HSRI offers coverage to small employers. During the pandemic, it became critically important to inform businesses that HSRI can help them provide health coverage — which in turn can help them operate safely and keep their employees healthy.

We invited a variety of HSRI for Employers customers to share their stories about how HSRI helped them during this critical time. They talked about the range of healthcare coverage options available, and about how HSRI enables them to offer their employees quality coverage at an affordable price.

These sincere testimonials educated small business about the helpful, personalized service they can expect from the experts at HSRI, and helped raise awareness of HSRI’s offerings.

By featuring business owners and their employees, we told a more complete story about the positive impact HSRI has on small business.

Social media ads made people think about the idea that health insurance can protect a business and its employees.
Outdoor boards did double duty by reaching our audience with a relevant message, and by giving exposure to local businesses.