Updated 5.24.18

Privacy Protection

The RDW Group, Inc. (RDW) an independent communications and software development agency respects individual privacy and is committed to protecting privacy. Any private information RDW may obtain is handled in a manner consistent with the laws of the states and countries in which we do business. RDW has a tradition of upholding the highest ethical standards in its business practices. This Privacy Policy explains the what, how and why of the information we collect when you visit one of our websites or use our services and explains the specifics of how we may use that information for legitimate businesses purposes and includes our privacy policy applicable to U.S. residents, those from the European Union (EU) and globally. It is intended to promote transparency and provide easy-to-understand, clear communication to those who visit our websites, use our services, and communicate with us.

Information We Collect

Information that you voluntarily provide. RDW’s websites have functionality that allows interested parties to voluntarily provide certain limited personal information. When you sign up to be contacted by RDW, complete our “Let’s Talk” form, consult with us, send us an email or communicate with us in any way, you’re voluntarily providing the personally identifiable information you share with us that we collect. That information could include your name, physical address, telephone number, email address, IP address, and details about your inquiry, place of employment, job title, and other demographic information. By providing this information, you consent to it being collected, used, disclosed and stored by us as described by this Privacy Policy. RDW does not disclose personal information to non-agent third parties. RDW does not ask for, nor is there any way for us to obtain financial information including, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or any other type of financial information over our websites. RDW does not ask for, nor is there any way for us to obtain social security numbers or benefits, information about race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, trade union membership, political affiliation, political opinions, or medical information over our websites.

Website usage information that we automatically collect. RDW tracks usage on our websites by IP address but this information is not tied to the voluntary personal information a user may provide. RDW tracks usage by operating system, web browser, device, IP address, and other information about how you navigated and used our websites simply for internal use to understand usage and improve our websites’ performance and usability. Notwithstanding, RDW uses IP address anonymizing technology through third-party software Google Analytics such that specific addresses are not collected and identifiable.

Cookies. Cookies are small data files that are placed on your device when you visit a pixeled page on a website. They are widely used to enhance the performance of websites, provide reporting information, and, sometimes, to serve information about RDW and our services that is relevant and useful to you. They can be used to tailor content and information that we may display to you as you browse other sites and networks of sites on the Internet. When you visit our site for the first time, you are served our cookie policy and provided the opportunity to accept or reject cookies. Cookies are separated into different classifications:

Website Functionality Cookies. These are used to enhance the performance and function on our site. Without these, certain functionality may become unavailable.

Reporting, Analytics, Customization Cookies. These collect information to help us make sense of how our website is being used, which pages may be in need of updating, and more. They also help us understand how visitors are coming to our website, the effectiveness of any marketing tactics we might deploy from time to time, or to help us customize our website for you.

Advertising, Retargeting Cookies. These are used to enable us to show you advertisements or content more relevant to your interests and tailored to you.

You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You can set your browser controls to accept or reject cookies and you can still use our website (though some functionality may be impacted). You can also disable advertisements at the advertising network level by opting out. Networks vary but, for example, you may see an “Ad Choices” clickable button that provides this functionality. There are other Do Not Track functionality options that exist on certain web browsers.

RDW also builds web sites for clients. In some cases when requested to do so by our clients RDW has access to and does record and track personal information on our client’s websites as a processor of data. This work is generally limited to tracking web site usage to improve web site usability. When working on behalf of our clients RDW operates in accordance with the relevant customer’s privacy policies. In these cases RDW is acting solely as a data processor and our customers remain the data controller. In these cases RDW will use this personal information solely as directed by our clients and in most cases only to improve our client’s web site’s performance and usability.

How We Use Information

We use your personal information only for the following purposes:

1) To promote our services to you.

2) To send you information and content as you specify. You can stop receiving information and emails at any time by following the simple unsubscribe instructions.

3) To send you information about our services or other industry relevant information that we feel is relevant and helpful to your business.

4) To comply with applicable laws, accounting, or security requirements or to meet legal requirements, or prosecute and defend a court, arbitration, or similar legal proceeding.

5) To respond to lawful requests made by authorities.

Conditions of Use, Policies, and Revisions

If an individual chooses to visit RDW’s websites, their online visit is subject to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. In particular this Privacy policy will be amended to comply with requirements of the relevant U.S. and/or EU privacy laws such as the GDPR. The latest version of this Privacy Policy will be posted on our web site. Continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of such changes in the Privacy Policy, except where further steps are required by applicable law.