Decision. Making.


We do pretty much everything related to marketing.

Why “pretty much”? Because let’s be honest: nobody can do everything.

That said, we’re known for being great at:

strategy (brand, marketing, media, social)

What do we do before we craft an ad, social media post, media buy, or marketing plan? We develop a smart, solid, and innovative brand strategy.


As a creative agency, we capture your audience’s attention and distinguish you from the competition… no matter the message, no matter the medium.

media planning, buying, and placement

From digital marketing services and analytics to media planning (online, print, broadcast, outdoor), we make sure your message is received by the right audience.

content marketing

We craft content roadmaps that help your brand generate leads, demonstrate thought leadership, raise awareness, and build relationships.

social media

Social media platforms change frequently, so a nimble and strategic approach is key. We help you expand your reach, encourage conversations, and develop relationships.

search engine optimization (SEO)

If your site doesn’t rank well in search engine results or doesn’t have good visibility on local search, we can help get your site in front of your customers.

search engine marketing (SEM)

Our “always be optimizing” approach to SEM campaigns helps us deliver the most qualified leads at the lowest possible cost.

integrated digital analytics

We use digital analytics to make sense of data and to reveal the stories it holds, so we can quickly respond to trends and opportunities for improvement.


We use various research techniques, like motivational interviewing and focus groups, to probe the issues that will help us create positive change for you.

marketing automation

We’ll help you choose and launch a marketing automation platform (or maximize the one you already use) to help guide your customers through the consideration journey.

public relations

The people on the public relations side of our agency are experts at crisis communications, community and media relations, public affairs counseling and more.

web design

With expertise in WordPress and flat file CMS sites, we can design and build your website from the ground up, or refresh and update your current site.

iFactory, our interactive division in Boston, is great at:

website design and development

Our design and development services work together to create rich and intuitive digital experiences.

IA/UX design

We organize and structure your new site so that user goals and business objectives are always top priority.

app prototyping

We create rapid prototypes for startups looking for investment and funding in a highly tailored 4-week sprint.

accessibility compliance

Everyone deserves a great online experience. We ensure your website meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards through automated and manual testing.

CMS implementation

We are tech-agnostic with broad experience. From Open Source to Licensed; PHP to .NET, our technology support is robust.

And we have partners who are great at:

specialized research

higher-end audio and video production

Once upon a time…

Unless your origin story is the stuff of a Marvel blockbuster, it’s probably not all that interesting… so we’ll keep this brief. Still, with our roots in public affairs and our offices in Providence and Boston, it’s safe to say we don’t shy away from being where the action is. In fact, we thrive on it. The capital cities’ creativity fuels our own, and the vibrant diversity of our surroundings inspires us to create positive change wherever it’s needed. Since 1986, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

It’s always new.

Our work introduces us to a wide variety of industries, so we’re constantly learning something new — and we’re constantly discovering new ways to apply what we learn. While we’ve helped clients in industries as disparate as jewelry and pest control, we’ve found that our approach and expertise fit particularly well with the needs of clients in these four areas: higher education, healthcare, energy, and finance.

Who are we?

We’re a collegial and highly collaborative group of communications professionals with deep expertise, broad experience, and enough degrees, certificates, and qualifications to wallpaper Gillette Stadium (there are more than a few Pats fans here).

More interestingly, we share a sincere (and rather uncommon) attitude of helpfulness and willingness to go the extra mile — for you, and for one another. As you might imagine, this serves us rather well in our efforts to create positive change.

Kaitlyn Delaney

Manager, Social Media

Dave Varhol

Manager, Search & Analytics

Sara Gasrow

Social Media Specialist

Ryan McAssey

Director of Digital Services

Luc Parlange

Search Analytics Specialist

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Martin Walsh

Creative Director

Carolynn Lowe

Associate Creative Director

Martha Doyle Lindman

Senior Art Director

John Beaupré

Associate Creative Director

Chuck Zeoli

Content & Traffic Manager

Patricia Jarvis

Production Manager

Julie Rishworth

Production Manager

Carol Kalfian

Senior Art Director

Ariane Komyati


Wayne Hagerty

Interactive Developer

Chris DiSano

Vice President – Client Services Innovation

Giselle Mahoney

Senior Account Executive

Michael Masseur

Director of Public Relations

Jim Pontarelli


Lynn Butler

Senior Account Executive

Stephanie Nademlynsky

Account Executive

Kassandra Coulombe

Director, Client Engagement

Marla Pinto Cooperrider

SVP, Media Director

Katelyn Thompson

Associate Media Director

Sheila Hartley

Account Coordinator

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Emilie Steven

Media Planner, Buyer

Phil Loscoe Jr.

Managing Partner

Kathleen Ferri


Sarah Morris

Accounting Manager Human Resources

Mary E.Murphy

Production Billing Coordinator

Tina Marchetti

Billing Coordinator

Karen Vecchio


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Phil Teixeira

MIS Director

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Karen Into

Accounts Payable and Associate Billing Coordinator

We have work to do.

As is true for so many, events of the last couple years have led us (as individuals and as a company) to examine our attitudes about and responses to issues surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice. This report is the result of our collective corporate effort to state our beliefs, review our past, and commit to a better future. A pretty straightforward task, but certainly not an easy one. Please feel free to share your thoughts.