Go ahead and brag. (But just a little. And only when appropriate.)


As kids, we’re all taught not to brag. That’s good advice in pretty much every aspect of life, but you might want to temper it a bit when you’re thinking about your marketing efforts. They can have greater impact with some well-executed bragging.

Everyone should know you’re great — and why.

Since you and your competition are trying to reach the same audience, it’s vital that your message is the one your prospects notice. So brag a little. Speak boldly about what makes your brand better. After all, no one will make you their first choice if you don’t tell them why you’re the best choice. Bragging? Actually, it’s more like “being competitively honest.”

But it’s important they know you’re not a jerk.

If your bragging involves knocking the competition and belittling other brands, that’ll turn your audience away. But if you brag with a unique and likable personality, a healthy dose of pride, and an easygoing confidence, your audience will pay attention to what you have to say. Plus, your professionalism and respectful attitude will win fans who may even do some bragging on your behalf.

It’s not bragging if it’s true.

If you brag about things that aren’t true, you’ll be called out and your competition (not to mention social media users) will have a field day at your expense. Go ahead and spread good news about your brand. Share important developments and industry accolades. Point out the products/services/features that make you you. And always make sure every word is true.

By the way, if you think you have nothing to brag about, dig deeper. Customers have their reasons for choosing you (you’d be out of business if they didn’t), so find out why they love you and brag about that.

Strike a balance.

Be confident but not conceited. Flaunt your strengths (and improve your weaknesses). Beat your chest a little, but don’t beat up anyone else at all. Speak strongly, confidently, and briefly. Brag frequently enough so your audience remembers you and what you stand for. And keep in mind that too much bragging will make you annoying, while too little will simply make you disappear.